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The WORKING BOYS CLUB, consists of twin brothers who are both artists and tradesmen. Together, they blend their skills to create innovative work. Jason is an electrician turned Circus Director, while Adam is a mechanic turned Musician/Designer Maker. The 3rd member of the group is Producer/Art Dad Dom from Activate Performing Arts, who is a musician turned Event Manager/Outdoor Art Festival Producer.

Their flagship project, SERVING SOUNDS, is currently on tour and available for booking. To see where they will be performing this summer, check out their tour dates. 

"We aim to create connections through playful interactive projects which are underscored by complex social and economic issues"


SERVING SOUNDS is a multi-sensory sound installation that creates connection through music – a bar that serves bass rather than beer. The installation is a interactive work, playful and joyful, that can run throughout the daytime and evening.



Noisy Noise Noise is multi-sensory sound experience for young children and their families. With the help of a hundred very noisy kids in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, the Working Boys Club have made this fun, interactive installation to make sure that everyone is seen and heard.

A towering structure falls and rises before your eyes, powered by hidden mechanisms and your participation. Inspired by the simple magic of finger push puppets, 'We Break. We Build' is a reflection on resilience and the beauty of community support, an invitation for us all to reflect and rebuild together

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Stay A While was a circus and theatre production directed by Jason and sound design by Adam of the Working Boys Club. The audience will be invited to ‘The Hotel’ to learn about romantic relationships and love. Its teachings will be drawn from the binary world of famous love stories, mainstream media and Western societies’ 

Tour Dates

Stay A while - Arts Depot  - 22nd  - 25th Feb

School Workshops (Noisy Noise Noise) Dorset (various locations) - 30th April -2nd May /21st - 23rd May

Serving Sounds - Streets in the Park - 11th May

Serving Sounds - Grimsby - 25th May

Serving Sounds - Oldham -1st June

Serving Sounds - TBA - 8th June

Serving Sounds - Glastonbury festival - 28th - 30th June

Serving Sounds  - Basingstoke festival - 6th - 7th July 

Serving Sounds - TBA - 13th- 14th July

Serving Sounds - TBA - 26th - 28th July

Serving Sounds -  TBA - 2nd - 3rd August

Serving Sounds -  Budapest - 7nd - 12th August

Serving Sounds -  TBA - 16th - 18th August

Serving Sounds -  TBA - 24th August

Serving Sounds -  TBA - 7th September

Serving Sounds -  TBA - 14th September

More Dates to Come...........


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We would love your support

We absolutely love what we do, and we’d love your help so we can keep doing it!

Instead of relying on funding and spending hours/days on applications and paperwork, hoping for a yes so we can afford new projects, we thought, why not ask our awesome fans and supporters directly.


If you’ve caught one of our performances, joined us in a workshop, or even just enjoyed our pictures and videos online and thought, “This tickles my fancy! I want more of that!”. Well, if you fancy, you can help make this happen.


You can make a one-time donation through PayPal or join our Patreon and pay £5 a month. 

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