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Stay A While

Circus and theatre production directed and Sound design by the Working Boys Club

The National Centre for Circus Arts presents its BA students’ final year ensemble production directed by one of the National Centre’s celebrated alumni, Jason Dupree.

As Artistic Director of Living Room Circus, Jason oversees a contemporary feast that challenges our ideas and notions of what circus is and could be.

In Stay A While the audience will be invited to ‘The Hotel’ to learn about romantic relationships and love. In this world, everyone must attend the hotel and its teachings will be drawn from the binary world of famous love stories, mainstream media and western societies’ understanding of relationships.

Join us for what promises to be a unique audience experience where the distinct style of contemporary circus balances between the absurd and the tragic.

From the Director

A hotel. A handful of guests that have been occupying rooms longer than I can remember, and teachings from staff about how to love… the right way. In this dystopian present where it is mandatory to attend The Hotel, The National Centre for Circus Arts 3rd-year ensemble fly you through the hallways in search of… It’s easy to understand romantic relationships, once you have attended the Hotel. We look forward to welcoming

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